~The Breath~

The single, most important aspect of yoga is the breath. As long as you’re breathing & NOTICING☺️ that you’re breathing, you’re practicing yoga.

So many of us are either chest breathers or belly breathers. We rarely take advantage of the most natural way to nourish our bodies by taking in a big, full, rich, deep, replenishing breath that fills our belly & chest.

Our breath is our anchor…to everything. Life for one! Through our breath we can get a sense of how we’re feeling physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically…it’s such a powerful check in tool.

You can stop whatever you’re doing anytime, anywhere, in any position to check in…but I find it best to lay down in traditional savasana like form or with my *legs up the wall*(not only is this beneficial for tired & achy legs, the lymphatic system & varicose veins, it’s so so helpful for the health of your heart. It gives your heart a rest so it doesn’t have to pump as hard & helps slow your heart rate, leaving you feel relaxed with a calmer mind). Place one hand on your belly & one on your heart.  Bring your attention to your hands and notice if they are both moving during the inhale & exhale.  This is your guide. Fill your belly & feel the breath rise up into your chest expanding the diaphragm. Slowly release. Continue with this for as long as you’d like. As you become comfortable with this magical, electrifying, most natural way to nourish our bodies breath, bring your awareness to your body. Relax your neck, shoulders, allow your pelvis to be heavy and sink into the earth beneath you. Bring some awareness to your face. Relax your jaw. Your third eye centre(seat of intuition), that space between your brows. Soften your forehead. Soften your skin! The muscles. Allow your skeletical system to hold you. Watch the tension, stress and anxiety your body clings to for dear life!just melt…

So instead of living in a state of constant hyperventilating, slow down & really nourish yourself.  The breath. It’s truly a miracle! Let’s slow down & truly listen…it has so much to say✨

thank you & thank you to all of our teachers🙏

With love & gratitude,







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