Your heart…

Trust it…believe in it!

Your heart has your back…literally.

Less time spent caught up in the stories and thoughts you’re creating in your head. More time bringing awareness to your heart. Where love exists. Choose that space.

Take a comfortable seat. Sit tall with grace, confidence & the upmost respect for yourself. Close your eyes and relax your shoulders. Place your left hand on your heart. Place your right hand on top of your left. Breathe. Slowly. Really nourish yourself here. Feel your heart beat. Really FEEL every beat. Your hands truly are an extension of your heart. Apply some pressure and love it more than you’ve ever loved anything in your life!

Repeat the mantra, “I am Healed. I am Healed. I am Healed.” Feel the pain, feel the joy. Feel the loss, feel the love. Feel whatever you need to feel….rejection, hurt, anger, sadness, insecurity, fear, happiness, whatever it is…..there is no good or bad. Feel whatever emotion comes up for you. Feel it & then smile at it. “I am Healed.” Maybe accept the apology you have so longed for & never received. Whatever comes up for you, feel it & then just smile. Love.

Take care of your heart. Let it sing! Let it smile. And then let it take care of you. It loves & adores you. Be open to the possibility that you have more love in your heart than you’ll ever need. It’s in your corner, helping you navigate through life.  Receive and direct healing to yourself & all of those you love…the world. Be and see everything with light & love. We’re all in this together. Choose love.

thank you & thank you to all of our teachers🙏

With love & gratitude,





✨for my sweet little sunbeam.my angel.thank you for always bringing me back to the light.the love.that state of pure bliss & joy I experienced while you were with me.i love you✨

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