~Mindful Message~


Mindfulness involves focusing on the present moment and is a skill that needs to be practiced. More often than not, our brains are full of thoughts and focusing on the present moment seems unnatural for our minds. But our minds, like our bodies, need rest!

A great place to start a mindfulness practice is on your yoga matt. Every time I step on my matt, I use it as an opportunity to set an intention. Part of that intention always includes being as present as possible in my body & mind using my breath as an anchor. Move. Breath. Be. As long as you’re noticing your breath, you’re doing yoga. Let it be as simple as that. Thoughts will come. Welcome them compassionately. Notice their origin whether it be of the past or the future. If you’re meant to remember it, you will. Allow it to wash over you rather than attach to any part of it. Thoughts will come & go. Feelings will come & go. Bring your awareness back to your breath. Follow the inhales & exhales. Perhaps use a mantra to help your concentration. A mantra can be a word or a phrase. AUM. Sat Nam. I am love. I am light. I am healed. I am strong. I am….whatever resonates for you in that moment or time in your life. It can even be, breathe in…breathe out. Throughout your time on the matt, continuously check in with yourself. Where is your mind right now? How does it feel to be in your body? Get quiet with yourself so you can really nourish and nurture every aspect of your being. Bring your awareness back to your breath &/or mantra of choice(remember it’s totally normal if you feeling like you’re doing this over & over again;)…that’s why it’s called a practice☺️

Over time your mindfulness practice on the matt will bleed into your life! You being to implement the tools you’ve learned during your practice to help you truly live moment by moment. Breath by breath. You begin to find a deeper connection with the Devine during the simplest of moments whether it be washing dishes or reading to your child before bed. A feeling of overwhelming joy & pure bliss consumes you as you are comfortably present in the very moment you’re in. You begin to respond intentionally, skillfully & compassionately vs react impulsively. You start to see things from a different perspective, a higher frequency if you will. You get to really know yourself & actively listen to what your body’s telling you. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. It sets the tone for every other relationship you have in your life.

Setting aside time to practice mindfulness on your matt is a life changing gift you deserve to give yourself, your family, your friends, community…the planet!

With love & gratitude,







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