~Motherhood & Yoga~

✨Motherhood offers infinite lessons in the realms of surrender, empowerment, grace, mistakes, and patience, and then some more patience—as well as the endless unfurling of transitions and change. Practicing yoga amidst this adventure can support us in myriad ways to find our centre✨

She’s always with me. There are moments when all I want is a moment. Sometimes a day. Night. A weekend. And then that happens. It’s so lovely…for a moment. And then I want her back☺️ She keeps me grounded. A gift that never stops giving. She’s a constant reminder to be the very best version of myself. To take care of my body, my heart…my mind, my soul. To love everything about myself! Follow my dreams. And why wouldn’t I? I’m her role model! Someone she absolutely adores. She sees and hears EVERYTHING. She is constantly learning how to navigate life through me. This morning she put on her running shoes & said, “mom.my need to go running to take care of my heart k?!” Yesterday she said, “mommy.i’m tired.my need to rest my body&mind.” Wow! I heard my own voice twice in 2 days. That puts everything into perspective. This sweet, innocent, loving soul looks up to me. Needs me. Wants me. It is my Devine given responsibility to be the absolute best I can possibly be for her. To encourage, support and teach. To take risks. Live from a place of truth, not fear. To live in a manner she deserves to live. When I look at her, all I see is beauty. A soul that is rich with curiosity, desire, appreciation, love, light….LIFE! There is nothing that is unreachable in her eyes. One day her wishes, her dreams…they will come true. And, why not? What happens to us over time? Why did all of the things we wish for, dream of & desire become so unattainable? Do we want that to happen to our children? I don’t. Giving up, settling….it’s not an option anymore. Especially that I’m a mother now.

For years I was terrified of large groups of people, public speaking & having the focus on me I guess you’d say…to name a few. How is it that you can be surrounded by so many people & feel so alone at the same time? Well, it’s possible. It became terrifying. I could barely speak up in a small group of close colleagues during a work meeting without breaking into a silent sweat, losing my breath & becoming foggy in my mind. During my yoga teacher training when we’d be given the task of creating a sequence preparing the body to reach a peak pose & then having to present it to the group, I could barely stomach it! I began to question why I was doing what I longed to do. But that’s when I realized everything I was feeling & thinking came from a place of fear. Fear of what others thought of me. Lack of self confidence in my knowledge and capabilities. I didn’t believe in myself & that broke my heart. All I wanted to do is to share a practice that I studied, practiced, adored & lived! A practice that provided me so much healing on many different levels. I had become so passionate about every aspect of it. So what was holding me back? Me. I was holding me back. I never want my daughter to doubt her talents. Her abilities. Knowledge. Hunger. Desire. Truth. Passion. Her worth! As I mother I want her to see herself as the brave, confident, secure in every bit of herself being who the world needs to shine & wants to hear from! So now, you can find me guiding anywhere between 1-30 people through a yoga practice complete with guided meditation, breath work, asana & relaxation techniques. Plus my mom & babe/tot classes which deserve a special feature post🙏  It’s become less about me & more about others. That in itself is nourishing. Rewarding. Liberating! A beautiful soul amongst my yoga tribe once said, “I gave up what people think about me a long time ago.” That statement along with my wanting to be the best for my daughter, all children & the plant!was a catalyst for change within me. What unique talents and abilities do you have that you can share with the world? Figure out what that is for you & what that looks like. Then do that. Practice that. Embody that! Don’t let YOU hold you back. Our children, the world…need you to show up to your true, full potential unapologetically.  It will change your life & others. And sometimes it may take becoming a mother(as it did for me) to make it happen.

With love & gratitude,






  1. Simply beautiful! I couldn’t agree with you more or be more proud of you. You inspire and remind me of these amazing little details in life I often forget about and i thank you for guiding me back!! ❤❤


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