7 minutes in heaven with yours truly anyone?☺️

Good morning Mrs Sun! Good morning world! Good morning to you Mr.Handsome/Miss.Beautiful! Good morning LIFE!

Please, join me in this short & sweet, powerful morning mini meditation(headphones in & the following beautiful piece ready to begin)

~Find a seat or lay down with your legs up the wall(my preferred position of choice this morning).

~Press play & begin!

~Start with one hand on your heart and the other on your belly. Begin with a 4-count breath. Slowly breathe in through your nostrils for a count of 4. Retain the breath for a count of 4. Gently exhale the air out of your nose for another count of 4. If you need more cooling, release out of the mouth instead. Allow your muscles to relax. Your skin to soften. Release any tension through the jaw, neck & shoulders. Soften the forehead. Completely melt. Perhaps match your count with your heartbeat. I did this today & felt powerfully connected. Repeat this cycle of breath for a few more rounds & then allow the breath to return to its usual casual cadence.

~Begin to recite the mantra, ” Om Shanti Om.”(om,peace, om) By doing so this helps to bring concentration into our meditation practice. Continue breathing, reciting & being. Allow the powerful waves & sounds of the music bring you into a state of peace & surrender as you gift yourself 7 minutes of pure ‘all about YOU’ time! (don’t worry if your mind drifts off to never never land \ just keep returning to the mantra \ this morning, for me, I started thinking about all the people who call me ‘Lish’ vs those who call me ‘Alisha’….what?😂 #truestory )

~When complete, smile🤓take a big breath in & sigh out the mouth. Tension, anxiety, stress BE GONE! You’ve got this day!

Have a beautiful day full of mindfully present moments over & over again my friends ~ Peace in, Peace out~xo

With love & gratitude,


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