The Unspoken Power Of Connectedness

Those moments when you’re overwhelmed with immense joy or heartbreaking sadness. One no better than the other. For to be able to feel & be with what is, already is the power of connectedness to yourself & the universe reminding you, you are never alone.

To be so fully awake, aware of the very moment you’re in, nothing else exists except the feeling you’re experiencing…that is powerful! That is exhilarating! It can also be really hard. Sometimes it’s easier to distract ourselves from the intensity of what we’re really sitting with.

But when I think about those moments that have brought me so much feeling, energy, connectedness, they were either alone or with another(s). That to me is what it’s all about. That’s life! Fully experiencing your life to the fullest.

I’ll never forget a moment I had with my daughter. Days after arriving home from holiday, she was clearly struggling with getting back on schedule as kids, hey / even adults! do. There was a complete melt down & ultimately she needed my help. I stopped what I was doing, took her into her room and we sat together. I held her while she felt what she needed to feel. Nothing was said. We stepped away from the external noise & just sat together. I remember feeling this overwhelming sense of presentness. It was just us. It was so powerful I had even forgotten we were in her room. Once she settled, the energy shifted & we continued on with our day. I remember feeling guided to create a space for her to feel safe to be supported, be held…giving her an opportunity to feel what she needed to feel & release it knowing she’s not alone. That was a Devine moment for us both. No words were exchanged. Energy was exchanged. A connectedness was created both between ourselves individually and each other. My body was radiating with light. With love. The world stopped for a moment. That was a gift🙏

And what about those moments of complete helplessness. Pain. Sorrow. Whatever it may be. There was a time I would immerse myself in so many things so I didn’t have any time to “be in the moment” because it was too painful. It was easier not to feel. Fast forward to the now & I still catch myself ready to suppress anything emotionally tough by allowing myself to be anywhere but here…but I know that doesn’t work. One of my teachers said, “It will keep showing up.” Now I see it as an opportunity to feel & release. Trusting in the gift of connectedness & it’s process. Is it ideal, sometimes absolutely not!;) Especially if it’s extremely sensitive & you are very protective of whatever’s sitting with you but what’s the alternative? Every time I chose to be with what is, regardless of the intensity of the feeling, I’m left with an overwhelming sense of connected energy within. I feel a sense of renewal, rebirth. That time my body was radiating with light in the moment with my daughter, it now happens after the tough moments too. So so grateful…

The moments you’re alone reading or watching something funny & burst into the biggest belly laugh! Or you randomly engage in a conversation with a stranger that leaves you profoundly moved. Maybe you’re outside & find yourself completely immersed in the magnitude that is our planet. That really heartwarming, long lasting hug. All of these are powerful moments of connectedness.

Choose to fully show up for yourself. When you do this it gives others the opportunity to take care, heal and fully live! themselves. It’s a practice. Take it easy on yourself. There are no mistakes. Only lessons. I promise you, the unspoken power of connectedness to yourself, experiences, joy + loss, & all others/beings/things is so worth every moment.

“When you don’t go within, you go without.” Yogi Bhajan

From my heart to yours, with love & gratitude,



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