Why Oregon?

I get asked this question all.the.time. Why Oregon? Well, first of all, why not?;) I’m in love with this place. Travelling has brought me to many wonderful places in the world. Beautiful places that have taught me so much! But Oregon has been the only place, other than home, that feels the most like home to me. There’s something about this state. It’s tough to put into words. It’s like a physical, emotional & spiritual cleanse for me. It speaks to my soul. Inspiration & creativity ooze out of me. A coming home!;) Must be a combo of the laid back rec vibe + fresh ocean air while on the coast. The energy, the vibe, the surroundings. Not only does it have one of the most sought after coastlines in the world, it’s a Mecca for outdoor enthusiasts! + photographers!(more often than not, an amazing photo is born from a beautiful place😊) Amazing biking & running trails. Golf. Incredible beaches on the coast. Great fishing. Lots & lots of YOGA. Unique & really authentic shopping. OREGON VINO! + craft beer. There’s something for everyone! All of that combined with great amenities including wonderful food, drink, easy access to all sorts of recreating & overall ambience. There’s a unique sense of individuality & welcomeness. Everywhere is family & pet friendly which is always a bonus for those of us who fit into that category:) At some point I plan on posting a bit more re:details of my time here in this gorgeous place in the world, but for now, these photos speak for themselves. From my gracious heart to yours, E N J O Y!

May you invite goodness, grace & gratitude into all of your interactions, including yourself❤️


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