Yoga🙏then party🍾

That time you planned a yoga sesh to kick off a bachelorette party weekend….in 24 hrs…for your brothers fiancé…

When I was asked Thursday morning to lead a yoga class Friday afternoon in honour of my, soon to be sister-in-law (honestly, she’s been a part of our family for 10+yrs, she’s already my sister❤️), I happily & very graciously said yes! Shortly then after I realized I wasn’t even prepared in the slightest. All I knew was that this was a very special request & I would absolutely make it happen no matter what!

I must first thank my dear friend, who is the heart & soul behind Wee Wild Ones & Of The Wild Nature Preschool in Bridgeland, Chloe, for helping me make this very special afternoon possible. Without much notice & hesitation at all, she arranged a space for me & happily spent the afternoon with my daughter. Chloe, you know how to make things happen. THANK YOU!

To the wonderful ladies at Sage Natural Wellness on 17th ~ THANK YOU! for helping me create special goodie bags full of self love products 🛁for the beautiful souls who came to connect within before the element of disconnect began the following evening;)

And Costco – thank you! when in doubt, go to Costco. A yoga class kicking off a bachelorette party weekend isn’t complete without champagne🍾& chocolates🍫

The afternoon went beautifully. Sisters gathering together to move, breathe & fully BE in the moment with themselves & each other is something so powerful. It’s really amazing to witness. This definitely set the tone for what ended up being a beautiful, sunshine filled weekend of lady fun☺️ Below is a piece I wrote for these ladies & shared with them as they entered their final posture…sweet, exquisite stillness…savasana🙏

“As women we must never forget that we are gold. Upon conception we are gifted with this incredible sense of intuition, nurturing & grace. We have this powerful ability to connect with ourselves & love unconditionally. But sometimes, throughout the course of our life, we may experience a disconnect. It can become really difficult to love who we are. We are all here to share our individual gifts with others, to be of service & it’s impossible to do that when we allow self defeating or disempowering thoughts control how we feel & how we see ourselves. It is our Devine given responsibility to take care if the most important person in our life, which is ourselves, in order to fully be of service to others & share our Devine given gifts with our lovers, our families, our friends & our communities. So please ladies, take your hands and place them on your heart space & repeat silently to yourself, I love you. I love you. I love you. And come back to this any time you feel disconnected from a place of peace, joy, love…Repeat this mantra, I love you, as many times as you need to until you believe it. Until you believe you are perfect just as you are. Right now. In this body. In this moment.”

To my sweet sister, Shayleen. You are an absolute angel. On behalf of my entire family, we adore you & love you dearly. You are such a gift to all of us. It’s been so inspiring to see your & Brandon’s relationship & love evolve over the past 10+ years. You have such a strong love & great friendship. My wish for you is that you never doubt yourself & your value. You are perfect just as you are. I love you!xoxo


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