Seek Light in Dark


“Gratitude is an art of painting an adversity into a lovely picture.” Kak Sri 

How beautiful are those mornings when you wake up with a g r a t e f u l heart? The thought of self comparison doesn’t even cross your mind & you embody a sweet feeling of complete contentment. Everything is aligned. Gratitude is everywhere, nourishing the feeling of equanimity & allowing the expansion of receiving more.

Search for “Gratitude” online and you’ll see symbolic representations of beautiful sunsets, children, & every bright Light in between. It’s natural to have gratitude for the L I G H T in your life, but what about the D A R K? Shift your perspective & bring awareness to a person/situation in your life that is challenging you right now. Does the thought of this create pain, anxiety, stress, or tension within? Do your shoulders round forward symbolically protecting your heart? Probably so.

Light/Dark or Good/Bad, it’s what keeps everything in balance. But how can one find Light in this Darkness so that every morning begins with a grateful heart? We all know it’s exhausting carrying around heavy feelings. But wouldn’t it be nice to somehow transform these into feelings of gratitude? What can be learned here? Wouldn’t it feel good to release the pain & be able to see things in a softer, more compassionate way? Y E S !!!

Our inner workings are vast and complex, but this concept of seeking Light in Dark isn’t beyond our scope! There’s an opportunity here to practice the art of forgiveness and truly learn from this side of life. Shift your perspective from “I’m the victim” to “what’s the lesson?” Is this something I can use to help others at some point? Allow yourself to explore the possibility that this Darkness is really propelling you forward in your own growth. Let Go. Release expectations. Learn how to experience healthy boundaries of vulnerability within this. If we can welcome this Darkness with gratitude, our bodies, minds, & hearts begin to receive it in the same way as the Good moments. It can become nourishing, deepening our connection to our true essence.

Do you retaliate or become small? Or do you rise above & grow into a stronger more empathic version of yourself?

The choice is yours. Seek the L I G H T.


Love, Alisha


Thanks to East Forest’s “Grandmothersphere” for helping bring gratitude into my daily life:


  1. Alisha, another beautiful page of your inspirational words in a keepsake collection…so blessed to have you in our life. xox


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