Keeping your word…to YOURSELF


“I feel keeping a promise to yourself is a direct reflection of the love you have for yourself. I used to make promises to myself & find them easy to break.  Today, I love myself enough not only to make a promise to myself, but I love  myself enough to keep that promise.”  Steve Maraboli 

Being impeccable with your word to others is the gold standard. We all take it seriously. We’ll do anything possible not to let anyone down. Never would we want unreliable, whimsical connotations surrounding our name. Absolutely fair enough, but what are the offsets? Does something get lost in this? Never should we have to struggle to show up for the most important person in our life. But we do. How many times have you started something & never finished it. The struggle is real. We’ve all done it & may continue to do it.

Ok, let’s take a step back & be gentle here. Bit of an aggressive opening by me…s o r r y;) Take a moment to laugh a little bit at yourself. It’s really funny to me. All these apps, devices, self-help books, etc. to better our lives, yet it’s our own mind that’s the one distracting us from following through. We all know how much better we feel when we keep our word & accomplish something for others, but WOW is it ever easy to let your OWN SELF down – in fact, much, m u c h easier! We pretend it didn’t happen. No one has to know. But these promises we make to ourselves, these really are the important ones. They shape who we are in our truest essence or who we desire to be.

I recently committed to a 30 day yoga challenge at Yoga Passage here in Calgary. After all these years I’ve spent on the mat, I’ve never actually signed up for one. Finding time to get to a group class can be challenging enough these days, but I felt it would be a nice way to reconnect with our beautiful yoga community, learn from a variety of inspiring teachers (GORD!, my lumbar spine thanks you, you’re awesome!), & step into styles that are not a regular part of my daily practice. This challenge felt realistic. I step on my mat daily as is & I love the practice. It’s something I felt would be ‘easy’ to accomplish. And for the first few days, wow did it ever feel fresh & invigorating! My body loved the variety of movement & stillness combined with continuing education I could share with my own classes. Being amongst the wonderful positive energy of others, many excited for this challenge as well, was inspiring & magnetic. It was that euphoria we all love to feel. But is it real? Is it sustainable? Why are they calling this a challenge?

Now, fast forward to the half way point…My daily routine is upside down. My daughter’s been sick. A low back injury from 2 years ago has crept its way back in. Days are getting shorter & a little colder. Am I really being fair to my daughter? One night as I headed out to an evening class, Layla looked at me with the lip quiver…”Well mama, who’s going to sing me my bedtime songs? And what about ours little talk?” I mean, c o me O N! She gets me every time❤️ And just like that, I start to procrastinate & convince myself of the otherwise. Welcome back resistance. I’ve seen this play out before. Me, once again, taking the easy way out & letting myself down.

I look at today’s cover picture & still remember my then 2 year old daughter pointing at the towering Redwood & saying “Mama me climb tree top.” A tall task indeed, a definite challenge. And then, all within 30 seconds, it was over. That was it. She gave up. Zero resilience, zero discipline against distractions, & in this case, not a lot of support from me. Yes, this is part of the incredible beauty of a 2 year old.

But am I a two year old? NO (but it sure would be fun again sometimes!). Am I Resilient? YES (well, sort of getting there, trying my best to be!). Am I Disciplined? YES (well, most of the time, I’m always a work in progress;). And my support system does continue to grow along with me. I’m 32 years of wisdom beyond that 2 year old tree climber & know it will take a lifetime to develop these key traits, but I’m getting there. I’m starting to follow through on promises to myself & can see the benefits – my own belief system & values strengthened. I’m beginning to REALLY trust myself, believe in myself & my confidence is strengthening. When we stick to it, we become it. And at the first sign of resistance we must tap into our power of WILL & align our mind with the vibrational being that we are & what we set out to achieve. We know we are more than enough & deserve nothing less than feeling our very VERY best! (and in my case, in turn, being the best mama possible for my sweetie love)

I’ll leave you with this – Perhaps notice how often this is happening to you in your life…but please be kind here…you’re doing the best you can . Remember that every day, every moment, every INHALE is an opportunity to realign your energy & nourish the commitment to Y O U.

ps – I WILL keep my word to myself & complete this challenge☺️


Love, Alisha



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