Yes!! YOUR Energy Matters!


As we lead up to Christmas, it brings me even MORE joy than usual to get to spend that hour each week with my “Wee Wild Ones” class. At a time when so many of us are in the crosshairs of an overbooked calendar & a never-ending to-do list, these little angels (our never ending  examples to draw true, unconditional love from) give off an Energy that is so pure. Yes, presents are all over their minds, & probably a bit too much, but it’s coming from such a joyous place. Their Energy is so powerful… & so refreshing for my own. But it also makes me wonder, how can these innocent little fun loving kids eventually become the ones in our shoes… The very ones searching for & envious of the 1,2, 3 + year olds they once were. Why is there this inflexion point?

As contagious as the Energy of these kids is, we need to know that OUR Energy is even more so.

Back in the seventies, Yogi Bhajan brought the Kundalini Yoga teachings to the West to help balance the Energy of what he saw was to come. In reference to his premonition of these times, the very times we are living in right now, he said, “The capacity of the mind will reach its optimum in order to deal with everyday life. The world will become smaller & smaller & smaller. So man’s vitality has to become larger & larger & larger.”

WOW! P O W E R F U L. Let’s repeat that last line, “vitality has to become larger & larger & larger.” When looking back over our life, how many of us can truly say ours has? And at the same time, how many of us can say we’re truly maxed out? Or does this society of consumerism & chaos have us so caught up that we don’t even know?

Now just imagine if everyone’s vitality were to truly get larger & larger & larger… JUST IMAGINE! Would there be this inflexion point for our kids? It takes true courage to really start to OWN up to our part in the collective healing process, SHOW UP, & share all of our unique talents & gifts. This gives permission to others to do the same, & one by one, we slowly start to raise the vibration of all… a happier, calmer, patient & more mindful collective. Yes, it really can be “Kumbaya”, & for those smirking at this, maybe question why things seem so chaotic around you. Lose the ego & look no further than your own Energy.

On the daily, there is ALWAYS somebody who needs you to show up for yourself. Whether near or far. You may not even know who they are just yet but not a day goes by where another soul needs your connection to your highest self. Will you have the courage to exude that vitality? That Energy that is so important to our generations to come?

So as collective Energy seems to shift & become more challenging during the lead up to Christmas, remember to make your own shift. YOUR ENERGY matters! Thank-you to all the sweet wee wild ones (along with the guidance of their sweet mamas & papas) @ for continually reminding me of the importance of this. My hope is that your early introduction to yoga can help you truly find the balance Yogi Bhajan was looking for.

This would be the ultimate Christmas gift.


Love, Alisha





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