New Year’s Resolution Evolution

IMG_2888.PNGSo here we are, the big 2017! Welcome! I’ve been waiting for you! Come here & give me a big ol’ kiss!;) It’s FINALLY an opportunity to feel ALIVE! & begin living up to our full potential. Gyms are packed, extracurricular activities sold out, the kitchen purged, coffee/sugar/booze/dairy/wheat/meat quit, toxins flushed… It’s new, it’s exciting, WE FEEL GREAT!… & then, for some reason, in the not too distant future, we get sick, injured, stressed, or board, & retreat right back to what we know, what’s  C O M F O R T A B L E. The original resolutions soon fade into the unimaginable and our best of intentions soon give way to a sense of uneasy contentment. What did I set out to achieve? Something to do with feeling alive & reaching my full potential?… meh, no big deal, it’s not for me.

So  w h y  does this happen? We are SO charged up over the holiday season (which is AMAZING!) & want nothing more than to run into the New Year living the life of our wildest dreams! So why is it sooooooo hard to follow through?

In all honesty, we don’t really do a good job at setting ourselves up for success. Like my father-in-law says, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”… I know, a little harsh, but really, quite true. We want to see too much change too quickly… and when that doesn’t happen, we become easily discouraged, ultimately giving up in defeat. So with that & before this spiral begins, take.a.step.back… LESS is really MORE here! Keep it simple. Allow yourself room to grow as the year unfolds. Think sustainability! & absolutely, without question, make your resolution VISIBLE! Thinking back at my resolution attempts over the years, the only ones I actually even remember & that truly stuck were those I was reminded of daily, either via a vision board or a note, until they then became my new normal.

So for me, this year, I’d like to read more fiction. Yup, that’s about it… for now. I have the book & have been reading a bit every other day. I’m not putting a time frame on when I need to complete this endeavor (it’s 713 pages!!) as it shouldn’t feel like a chore. BUT every time I see it, I pick it up & enjoy getting lost in its magic. It feels just like the times I get to spend with kids…. all the clouded ‘stuff’ falls away. Life is Fun! Simple. Sustainable. Present. Full of JOY, which is who we all are at our deepest core of being.

And as 2017 rolls along, I’ll be sure to “keep some room in my heart for the unimaginable.” Mary Oliver’s words… located in my phone, on my book mark, & written on my mirror. I’ve continued to naturally build on my past resolutions (waking up even earlier, a daily sweat & Sadhana practice amongst many other sustainable self care practices), & as 2017 unfolds before us, I know that I will be ready for the abundance of growth opportunities it will present. And I hope you will too.

From my heart to yours, good luck!!
Now go on & be your best YOU in 2017!


Love, Alisha



  1. This post is so beautiful! I love the quote “keeping some room in my heart for the unimaginable”!!
    Happy New Year amazing lady!

    Liked by 1 person

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