Presence Within The Ultimate Present


There’s something I’ve noticed since starting to teach mom & baby/tot yoga classes; something that is really SO much more than just the ‘yoga’. Or maybe it’s the ‘yoga’ creating something so much more?

The class itself is so special, but some of my favourite moments are before & after… you know, that extra time where everyone mindfully settles in, the tots choose their favourite colour of matt (or 2, sometimes 3, or all of them;), & then afterwards the excitement the littles have when it’s finally time to help Miss. Alisha clean up;). The conversations nurtured by all of the parents, truths shared between us, the mini yogis sharing, playing & hugging their new friends, or the ultimate honour of welcoming a new baby to the class/world!… it’s really so magical to be in the beauty of these present moments. Everything else dissolves. I’m always taken back when a mom opens up about how anxious filled their morning had been, then to transition into a state of relaxation feeling more grounded, understood, happy & supported post class.

These early stages of life with our babies are such a special time. The process of understanding what it really means to ‘BE’ with your child begins. This can definitely be a struggle at first (I’m guilty as charged!), but this struggle can give way to so much magic. Life as we knew it before is ultimately over, BUT, the universe has something EVEN BETTER in store, something SO worth being present & there for.

My daughter has & always will be my greatest life teacher. As are the parents & littles that spend their time with me every week. I’m honoured to offer a space for everyone to express themselves in whatever is being channeled through them. A space where we all learn & share with each other. Space for acceptance in whatever form that looks like. Finding FREEDOM in the moment! It’s energizing. It’s joy. It’s HEALING! That’s the greatest medicine.

I encourage all of you to breathe in acceptance & breathe out resistance. Inhale presence & exhale expectations. Being at peace with whatever is & being the best you can be in that moment… for both the sake of ourselves & our children.

What can we do to strengthen our relationships with our children?

Play with them!
Encourage them
Listen to them
Be present with them
Guide them
Be kind to them
Be mindful with them
Hug them!
Be patient with them
Laugh with them
Be a goofball with them
Spend extra time with them
Be interested in them
Slow down with them
Love the heck outta them

It is our sacred duty to embody timeless practices & values for our young to learn from.

We can do this! Children are such a gift to us all, but we must never forget to have presence within this present.

Thank you,


Love, Alisha




  1. “The process of understanding what it really means to ‘BE’ with your child begins.” – Very true. Aww, I enjoyed this post. I have two teenagers, one young child, and one baby…it’s true that presence is so important!


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