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Well, here we are, 4 weeks into 2017 & full steam ahead with those New Year’s resolutions! Right? Yes? Maybe? No?;) Well, to be honest, my 718 page resolution has been a journey of feast & famine, albeit somewhat moving forward;) But during this time, & as somewhat anticipated, something else has naturally presented itself to me for further exploration. In the middle of a yoga class a few days back, the teacher fused her class with Pilates & WOW!, I have to say, even as the voice behind a ‘yoga’ site, I kinda loved it! I’m really excited to see where this ends up going, even if it doesn’t end up anywhere!;)

As I’ve stumbled upon this new, exciting way for my body to feel, something along the way though has really turned me off… a force so powerful & downright cruel. There’s an onslaught of marketing & discussions around resolutions relating to the body. Changing the body. Making it smaller, bigger, leaner, stronger, lighter, tighter, smoother, looser… I mean, anything BUT the body that you’re currently residing in right in this moment. It breaks my heart. This beautiful body that never gives up, continues to show up over & over again no matter how many times it’s been beaten down is being CONVINCED by society it has to change.

So with this, let’s try something here. Ok, maybe you really DO need to make some changes to/for your body b u t just for today, stop!! Yes, you can still stretch it, strengthen it, move it, BREATHE it…but more importantly, just BE in it. Enjoy it. Just as it is for you right now. Who cares if it’s inflamed or bloated or tight or heavy or whatever other label you wanna place on it. Just leave it alone. BE in it. B E grateful to have a body! A body that takes you where you need to go & allows you to do all the things that bring you joy.

See what happens when you start doing this. Chances are, the more pressure you take off yourself & the more you actually start enjoying being in your body, the more you’ll want to do whatever it means for you to feel good in it. Which in the end will be more sustainable. All that negative self-talk initiated by society will start to dissolve & one day you’ll wake up & surprise yourself …only to quickly realize you’ve recognized yourself in this body before. It’s YOUR one & only! Nobody else has it! This in itself is reason enough to feel special, HAPPY & at peace.

Go where your own energy takes you, not where the energy of others tells you to.

Love, Alisha



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  1. This is beautiful and I am going to read this every time I have negative thoughts about my body! To be able to move and control the movements is a gift and Thankyou for your lesson!!!!❤❤❤❤love, Your mom


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