S E D O N A : A Spiritual Mecca!


Colourfully Majestic | Magnetic | Eloquent | ENERGY! | All it took to see this was one short sunset hike through gorgeous red rock scenery + evergreen vegetation & one a u t h e n t i c Kundalini Yoga class offered in a Yurt amongst a Medicinal Garden.

Feeling short on inspiration lately, this place provided the perfect gateway back to my heart. It transcended me in time to that feeling when I first started practicing yoga; that time when I felt soooo damn good after class without really knowing why. That feeling came back to me in Sedona. Maybe it was just some time away from the daily, maybe it was the adventures found within this new unknown, or maybe this really was the Energy Vortex it claims to be. Whatever it was driving this incredible force, I do know one thing, WOWA did I ever feel ALIVE!!

My practice here is what really rejuvenated my soul. Spending time at both 7 Centers Yoga Arts & Sedona Hot Yoga, I truly can’t recommended them enough, but both for very different reasons.

7 Centers… think Yurt, Medicinal Garden, Kundalini Yoga stimulated by the sound of a massive gong played by the instructor, & that feeling of your Prana circulating throughout every cell!! of your body during savasana. One word to describe this studio – HEALING!

Sedona Hot Yoga… perfectly crafted sequencing with plenty of opportunity for play or rest amongst a friendly community & group of teachers. One word to describe this studio – FUN!

I can’t wait to elaborate on these experiences in future posts.

But for now, if you’re looking for hiking, biking, spiritual practices & healing + mouth watering scenery, colour, & I can’t say it enough… ENERGY!… SEDONA is where it’s at!!

I gave her a big ol’ kiss when I left… along with a little pink sprinkle of my heart;)



Love, Alisha




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