Y o g a ~ it’s ‘n o w’


In order to help alleviate inner turmoil, it’s been told that this science can help one to open up and be in the present moment.

We come to the mat over & over again to REMEMBER. To Move. Breathe. Be. To remember that by finding the pause (that space between the thoughts) is finding the NOW, that inner peace we all long for. To remember that we come to the mat to work on ourselves, with ourselves, through ourselves… to our highest, truest, most authentic! self in order to shine bright & be the light our loved ones, friends & the world so desperately need.

We are reminded that this practice is always accessible. As we are going through our daily interactions, may we be, function & respond from a place of steady, calm, patience, compassion, grace & gratitude. And during those more challenging or confusing interactions, may we find the pause, take one more deep breath & just wait… listen. It will remind us to respond from our highest Devine self because that is what others deserve from us.

Wishing you all a freedom filled Friday!! May you stand a little taller, embrace the moments of pause & remember to create more space within your body for breath to flow freely… may that internal way of being (steady, calm, eloquent) radiate out from deep within you.


Love, Alisha



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