B E L I E V E I N A N O T H E R W A Y !!… of b e i n g. It IS possible.


📸 Elena Brower : @elenabrower(Instagram)

Have you ever felt so aligned & balanced, present with the ebbs & flows of life, to the point where you actually thought you were disconnected?

All week I’ve felt as though nothing was speaking to me or coming through me creatively. I believed there wasn’t any content I could offer for this week’s blog post, until… I actually took the time (8 minutes to be exact;), to l i s t e n.

Since making the decision to spend even more quality time with my daughter, not one moment has been wasted. I’m the most present I’ve ever been with her & lately, those moments start as early as 530 a.m.;) most days. She’s a life lover I tell yah! Doesn’t wanna miss out on anything! Bikes have been ridden, pug’s been walked… all before 7 a.m. some days. It’s been amazing & I feel profoundly grateful to spend this time with her, but it’s left me feeling a little disconnected with myself & everything/everyone else… or so I thought.

Later this week, after another early wake up, this mama bear needed a minute. I received my weekly email from a yoga teacher in New York, Elena Brower, with the following message:


Time to unwind, listen, fly, and begin again. Perhaps it’s time to reinvigorate your relationship to meditation. Maybe it’s time to study so you can fall in love with the way you speak about connection and interdependence. This is your time to relish the relevance of your work as a teacher; remember your students need you whole and easeful.”

As my precious daughter came to seek out my presence, I met her half way. Instead of me colouring with her this time, I would sit near her & do 3 minutes of breath work & a 5 minute meditation. We agreed she could set the timer & we made a promise of no interruptions until the timer went off. During that 8 minutes of silence, taking the time to listen, everything I questioned was put into perspective. I began to recall all of the beautiful synchronicities that happened for me throughout the week. I began to realize that what I had subconsciously done was allow the universe to show me the way. I stepped into a space of acceptance with little to no resistance. Many many miracles occurred for me this week, even if some were heartbreaking at the same time.

B E L I E V E  that you are deserving of a way of life beyond your imagination. Seap into a place of acceptance & allow yourself to be with what is. You find yourself WAKING UP to the possibility that there is always a better way of ‘being’ if that’s what you want & is speaking to you.

Stop & sit. Allow some time to pass & listen more…. get quiet enough to hear what this grand universe has in store for you🙏


Love, Alisha



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