My Kind Of Alarm Clock;)

In light of Easter weekend, I’d LOVE to share a few nuggets of wisdom with you all on this beautiful Good Friday. If you don’t already follow Esther Hicks, I can’t tell you enough how transformational her messages can be. Every morning, I eagerly await her daily email, and more often than not, it’s exactly what I need to hear. Whether or not you’re a believer in the law of attraction (I’m a BIG believer;), this daily medicine may be just what you need.

Take this recent one for instance: “By paying attention to the way you feel, and then choosing thoughts that feel the very best, you are managing your own vibration, which means you are controlling your own point of attraction — which means you are creating your own reality. It’s such a wonderful thing to realize that you can create your own reality without sticking your nose in everybody else’s, and that the less attention you give to everybody else’s reality, the purer your vibration is going to be — and the more you are going to be pleased with what comes to you.”

Wow! Whatever YOUR life looks like for YOU, may it be perfect just as it is. Please always believe this.

I encourage you to please check out more of her work at

Wishing you all a gorgeous weekend ~ I’m secretly hoping the Easter Bunny doesn’t forget to leave some Cadbury Mini Eggs for this mama;)


Love Alisha xoxo

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