Your Own Beautiful Mind


“There is ONLY a stream of wellbeing that flows. You can allow it or resist it but it flows just the same.” Abraham-Hicks

Ok! What do we do with this? How well are we in alignment with our stream of wellbeing? Where do we begin?

Well, if you had to begin somewhere, I think first & foremost, you need to meet yourself wherever you’re at. In this very moment. But what does this really mean? To start, I would suggest beginning with a practice of self-awareness. How are you feeling? Is your breath short & shallow? Do you feel tension or anxiety throughout your body? Believe that your body is constantly sending you ‘whispers’. It will tell you everything you need to hear if you’re just willing to listen.

Then, if this journey of self-discovery were to uncover a feeling of misalignment with the flow of your well-being, acknowledge this, honour this, accept this, & definitely do not judge this! Allow it to just be. We all suffer in some way. We all have past or current traumas, grievances, stories, & personal hardships. But it’s in the knowing of this where you can begin to accept that a steady stream of well-being is always flowing through you! Think of it as a steady invitation of love, compassion & forgiveness to help you bust through all your hardships & get you back on track.

Personally, believing in this well-being within me, around me, & supporting me, is enough to accept that everything that’s happened, is happening, or will happen, is what the universe has been planning all along. As painfully difficult this may be at times, I HAVE to believe that everything is meant to be. What’s the alternative? It’s when I sit back, get quiet, LISTEN, & allow myself to BE with whatever it may be, is when I BELIEVE that I’m being taken care of. This is exactly when I start to experience the true joy of who I really am! We’re all human beings having a human experience just like everyone else!

From this place of acceptance of you in your body witnessing the outer world unfold before your eyes without any resistance is when you start to experience the coolest things. You’ll be in the alignment of flow, the stream, the vibration of the cosmos;), that energetic field! Whatever this may feel like or be, this is where the magic lies! There’ll be a shield of Prana surrounding you; protecting you from anything or anyone that doesn’t bring peace, love, grace, or joy. Feeling soooo connected to that only thing you know to be true… yourself. Your confidence will soar, you’ll start listening to your intuition, & by doing so, life amongst all its trials & tribulations becomes colourful, mystical, magical, & perfect… just as it is.

Trust in this. Believe in this!

We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us.”


Love Alisha xo


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